*Healing Your Insecure Attachment*

Live Workshop – Sat. June 11 @ 8:00 am Pacific

Have you ever felt like you…

☹️ Date terrible people?
☹️ Lose yourself in relationships?
☹️ Self-sabotage?
☹️ Avoid commitment?
☹️ Recreate the same situation?

Are relationships generally a pain in your ass? You try so hard to make them work, and maybe they do for a while, but they ultimately end just like the last one?

Welcome! Have a seat.

I spent years flailing about unskillfully from one failed relationship to the next. Being moderately handsome and charismatic enough, I had no problem getting into relationships. But I couldn’t keep those damn things afloat to save my life!

For 15 years, I’ve done tons of therapy, recovery work, trauma healing, reading, learning, workshops, etc. Everything I’ve done has given me a piece of the puzzle, but no single person ever sat me down and explained the whole thing to me.

What is my problem? Why do I date these kinds of people? How am I sabotaging my relationships? Where did all these habits and behaviors come from? What do I have to do to change?

I will answer all these questions specifically in one epic workshop!

The healing process itself is extremely challenging and will likely take years, but after our time together, not knowing what your problem is or how to fix it will no longer be the thing holding you back. You’ll walk away with more knowledge, suggestions, and healing resources than you can shake a stick at. That’s my promise to you.

Topics We’ll Cover:

  • Attachment
    • Importance of attachment
    • Origin of your attachment style
    • Consequences of attachment style
    • Healing your attachment style
  • Trauma
    • Various types of trauma
    • Causes and effects of trauma
    • How to resolve trauma
  • Shame
    • As a childhood coping mechanism
    • As a bar to all healing and growth
    • As inner-critic attacks
    • Shame reduction strategies
  • The Healing Journey
    • Boundaries, needs, and connection
    • Radical self-compassion
    • Daily self-care practices

It’s never too late! If you missed the event, you can still watch the replay and get access to the presentation and workshop materials below.

Healing Your Insecure Attachment Workshop


4-hour, healing extravaganza with full-time relationship coach, writer, and psychoeducator, Adam Murauskas.

… I would choose Adam as my coach, one thousand times over. He has the absolute best approach I’ve ever witnessed. If you want to get to know yourself at a level that you didn’t even think was possible, you’re in the right place… (Natalie)

… Adam makes the insurmountable seem manageable. He’s helped me heal my toxic shame, build a community of safe people, create daily habits to keep me on track, and deal with issues that have been holding me back since childhood. If you’re tired of having the same unhealthy relationships, not living up to your potential, and want to finally heal, make the move. You’ll be glad you did… (James)

… I tried a counselor and a therapist in the past but neither seemed like a good fit. One tried diagnosing me immediately and the other couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just get over things. It wasn’t until I saw Adam’s page that I felt seen, heard, and attacked all at once! But in a good way… (Flor)

… Adam helped me change the course of my life! I cannot praise the Fix Your Picker program enough – down to the workbook that helped diagnose my inner turmoil. I had been sailing without a compass in my journey to find love, and I finally gifted myself a tool that no one could take away… (Beatriz)

… Before working with Adam, my relationship approach was to simply be with whoever would have me. Now I feel significantly more confident in my ability to engage in healthy, rewarding relationships, and to create the kind of love I’d always hoped I’d magically stumble upon… (Jake)

… There is nobody better than Adam. He is insightful and resourceful, caring and honest, and he has made all the difference in my dating life. I think his action-oriented approach is what made such a tremendous impact. I am so grateful!… (Hilary)

… I knew I needed someone I could be straight up with when it came to my own experiences with family, substance use, and trauma, and Adam created a safe, honest space to explore all that and take action on the changes I wanted to make but had been sitting on… (Lisa)

… Despite the considerable personal and professional work I have done on this subject matter, my work with Adam has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. In particular, he helped me identify and change longstanding unconscious habits that have stood in the way of authenticity in my relationships… (Daniel)

… This work of self-discovery, pattern interruption, and emotional awareness is life-changing, and Adam is a fantastic guide and space holder!  I would recommend his services to anyone ready to make massive changes to improve their relationships and life… (Sarah)

… Adam helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself which has improved my life in ways I never expected. I have a completely new set of tools to help me now. I feel more empowered, grounded, and peaceful. If you’re looking for someone to help you heal wounds that keep you stuck in unhealthy relationships, Adam is your guy… (Sheida)