Transforming the Anxious + Avoidant Relationship

~with Relationship Coach Adam Murauskas and Anxious Hearts Guide Rikki Cloos~

Live Class
Saturday 7/23/22 @8am PDT

“Am I too needy?”
“What’s wrong with me?”
“How can I make my partner open up?”
“Can this relationship ever work between us?”

“What are they thinking when the walls go up?”

These are questions anxious attachers ask all the time, and the answers are not quite as obvious as one might hope. This is why attachment researcher, content creator, and author of The Anxious Hearts Guide Rikki Cloos and I are joining forces to answer these questions once and for good!

We’re intentionally limiting attendance to ensure we can engage with everyone and answer your questions specifically. There will be lots of discussion and live coaching from two subject matter experts in the relationship space whose experience and passion for teaching will provide a boatload of valuable takeaways.

If the class fills up before you get your seat, please contact me to get on a shortlist for the next one.

Topics We’ll Cover:

  • How to help your partner open up
    • Why partners wall up / shut down
    • Tools for safe and respectful sharing and connection
    • Question: “How have you approached talking to your partner in the past?”
    • Q&A
  • How to overcome feeling ‘too needy’
    • Why you may feel this way
    • Tools for changing this mindset
    • Question: “How are you asking for your needs to be met?”
    • Q&A
  • How to engage in a healthier way
    • Why showing up healthier changes the whole relationship
    • Tools for healthy relating (with yourself and your partner)
    • Question: “What would it look like if we could talk about anything together?”
    • Q&A
  • How to know if your partner is the problem
    • Why it might feel like the relationship is one-sided
    • Tools for encouraging two-sided effort
    • Question: “In what unhealthy ways might YOU be showing up in your relationship?”
    • Q&A

Can’t attend live? You can also purchase the replay and class materials below.

Transforming the Anxious + Avoidant Relationship


Live 3-hour class with relationship coach Adam Murauskas and Anxious Hearts Guide Rikki Cloos.


… I would choose Adam as my coach, one thousand times over. He has the absolute best approach I’ve ever witnessed. If you want to get to know yourself at a level that you didn’t even think was possible, you’re in the right place… (Natalie)

I found Rikki’s book through a TikTok video and reading it has started me on a huge journey for change that I’ve always needed. It’s given me awareness of behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that I tend to have in romantic relationships that have been completely unconscious until now. Absolutely recommend to anyone struggling with anxious attachment, or anyone who’s in a relationship with an anxiously-attached person. So glad I found this book… (Charles)

… This work of self-discovery, pattern interruption, and emotional awareness is life-changing, and Adam is a fantastic guide and space holder!  I would recommend his services to anyone ready to make massive changes to improve their relationships and life… (Sarah)

Rikki’s book is so helpful for anyone learning about their attachment style in relationships. Not just informative for the anxious types, but even disorganized and avoidants can learn some things here. I wish I would have found this sooner in my life… (Laura)

… Before working with Adam, my relationship approach was to simply be with whoever would have me. Now I feel significantly more confident in my ability to engage in healthy, rewarding relationships, and to create the kind of love I’d always hoped I’d magically stumble upon… (Jake)

… I am very impressed with Rikki’s work and enthusiastically recommend her book to anyone looking to understand this particular relationship issue. Rikki deftly combines both her personal experiences and the incredible depth and breadth of her own research into such an easily accessible book… (Bex)

… Adam helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself which has improved my life in ways I never expected. I have a completely new set of tools to help me now. I feel more empowered, grounded, and peaceful. If you’re looking for someone to help you heal wounds that keep you stuck in unhealthy relationships, Adam is your guy… (Sheida)

… I wouldn’t be doing the work (I wouldn’t know how to do it!) if it wasn’t for Rikki’s account and her book. I want to thank her so very much – she’s helping my partner and myself a ton… (An avoidant and their anxious partner)

… Adam makes the insurmountable seem manageable, will give you action items, and then hold you accountable. He’s helped me heal my toxic shame, build a community of safe people, create daily habits to keep me on track, and deal with issues that have been holding me back since childhood. If you’re tired of having the same unhealthy relationships, not living up to your potential, and want to finally heal… make the move. You’ll be glad you did… (James)

… All the material that Rikki posts is so helpful! I finally understand why I am the way I am. I’m working on becoming more secure… (Anonymous)