pick·er /ˈpikər/ noun:

skillset used to select a healthy partner

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

~Carl Jung

Your relationship skills are a product of your childhood – how you were treated and how you saw others treated. This became the basis for your relationship with yourself and everyone else. You didn’t choose this. It just happened. And now, here you are… with those relationship skills. How’s that working for you?

For many people, the answer is “not so good.” Yet, they proceed to ruin and/or run away from relationships repeatedly, blaming others, never stopping to question the relationship skills they inherited from random childhood circumstances.

My mission is to bring awareness to the unconscious belief systems and behavior patterns that dominate people’s relationships and give them the tools to change.

That is exactly what I do as a relationship coach. I help my clients discover their truth and empower them to take action that rewires the way they relate to themselves and others. You will see my mission reflected in the Fix Your Picker downloadable guidebook as well as my relationship blog and social media outlets. I hope you will take full advantage of everything I have to offer to create healthy, satisfying, sustainable relationships in your life.