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If you are not yet ready for personal coaching, this is the option for you. But don’t worry, there is plenty of coaching in the Fix Your Picker downloadable guidebook. As a result, you can begin right now to identify and understand your unhealthy patterns (have you taken the free diagnostic quiz yet?).

The Fix Your Picker guide has several easy-to-use checklists to help you realize what has been troubling you. Further along, there are writing prompts and numbered lists that bring clarity to your desires. Then you can begin implementing new, healthier practices suggested in the guidebook.

This is the path forward for developing self-love and the capacity to show up in healthy relationships. Get your Fix Your Picker downloadable guidebook today! And remember, you can always book a free 30-minute consultation to discover the many benefits of coaching.

7 reviews for Fix Your Picker Downloadable Guidebook

  1. Beatriz P.

    I cannot praise the program enough. The FIX YOUR PICKER guidebook and my personal coaching experience helped me understand myself and how I was affecting the course of my relationships (Not just romantic ones either). I had been sailing without a compass in my journey to find love. I finally gifted myself a tool that no one could take away or that I could lose. You can’t unlearn the truth. Kudos to FIX YOUR PICKER!

  2. Dean Kennedy

    If you are only going to do one thing to set yourself up for success in finding the love of your life, this is it! A simple, yet comprehensive guide to clarify what you really want in a relationship and how you will show up to make that happen. Easily the best return on investment you will find to improve the future of your romantic relationships!

  3. Sheida Livai

    The Fix Your Picker Workbook is a brilliant tool that helped me get to the core of questions I had never explored before. The answers were astonishing. As I was completing it, I came to so many revelations about myself and how I operate in relationships. It helped me tap into a part of my psyche that was locked up and dusty. Every single piece of this work of art serves a purpose. If you’re looking for some guidance with self-inquiry and visualization, this book is all you will ever need. Gracias Adam!

  4. Jake B (verified owner)

    Amazing doesn’t cut it. The structure of the Fix Your Picker Workbook made it easy for me to answer some big questions- like who am I, and what do I want in a partner. It also gave me the opportunity to face my patterns and behaviors, and really take a deep look at how I’ve been operating in my relationships. It’s difficult looking into the mirror on these things, but in all my relationships that ended, I was the common denominator and the Workbook put into words just how I’d contributed to all those stories, some with more disastrous endings than others. The Workbook gave me an opportunity to see both who I wanted to be and be with, and of equal importance, who I did NOT want to be or be with.

  5. Jake B (verified owner)

    On working with Adam – his approach to addressing my relationship woes was completely custom tailored to my entire life experience. We went all the way back into my childhood and got to the core of what made me who I am now. This fundamentally reshaped my perspective on what my needs are and how I’ve sought to have them met. Before working the Fix Your Picker program with Adam, my relationship approach was to simply be with whoever would have me. Now I feel significantly more confident in my ability to engage in healthy rewarding relationships, and to create the kind of love I’d always hoped I’d magically stumble upon.

  6. Natalie T.

    In my quest for love I was minimizing myself, playing small and a control freak, what a combo right? This workbook made me really ask myself- is what I’m doing serving me? Of course it wasn’t, but had I never taken the first step of filling out the workbook I wouldn’t have known that and I probably wouldn’t have asked myself any number of these questions and would’ve ended up 10 years older and still alone, confused. Working on yourself is extremely hard but it is the best work that you’ll ever do and I highly recommend starting here.

  7. Tara

    This workbook is so well done. Incredibly helpful. Thank you Adam!

    I have been on a healing journey over the past few years after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 55. I’ve done a boatload of work and was doing really well a year ago – or rather, thought I was doing really well – until I realized I was in yet another emotionally abusive relationship with a man very similar to my mother (strong narcissistic tendencies). I discovered Fix Your Picker as I was coming to terms with going no-contact with this guy last March (I’d been working with a trauma-informed therapist who’d identified my “repetition compulsion” and recommended the book “Attached”).

    Adam’s work has helped me immensely. I get his emails, I’ve read most of the books on his recommended reading list, and I got to attend his “Healing Toxic Shame” workshop last week.

    I just finished working through this workbook and, wow! wow! wow! It’s exactly what I needed to get over the hump of missing my abuser.

    I am confident that my next relationship will be a healthy one – and I’m no rush to find him. I’m loving my single life for the moment. I am dating with a new outlook. It’s making all the difference.

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