Healing Toxic Shame

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6 Essential Steps to Reclaim Your Life

Live Seminar
Saturday, November 12th, 2022
8:00-11:00AM (PST)

As a full-time relationship coach, I can say for sure that the greatest obstacle to helping people learn, heal, grow, and cultivate loving relationships with themselves and others is toxic shame. Hands down.

Shame prevents people from setting boundaries, protecting themselves, asking for help, or stating their needs. It drives negative self-talk, self-abandonment, self-neglect, and self-pity. It’s typically an underlying condition or contributing cause to any relationship problem. So if you desire healthy connection to yourself and others, understanding and healing from toxic shame are absolutely paramount.

Those recovering from substance or process addictions will have to cross swords with shame at some point in order to heal. Same goes for people recovering from depression, child abuse, abandonment, neglect, sexual assault, domestic violence, codependency, insecure attachment, or just plain old shitty childhoods. Every trauma and its respective trauma response induces shame to some degree.

Therefore, all recovery journeys must necessarily address the issue of shame.

And so I’ve distilled the essential elements of shame recovery into a 3-hour, live Zoom event, jam-packed with practical exercises and resources for doing the WORK of healing from this soul-eating emotion. I hope you’ll join me.

In this seminar, you will receive a complete roadmap to shame recovery and learn the specific tools, habits, and strategies that will empower you to heal, find peace, and transform any area of your life that has been affected by toxic shame. 

I’ve tangoed with shame both personally and professionally for so damn long that I know it like the back of my hand. Over the decades, I’ve dissected it, studied it, rolled around in it, and watched it claim the lives of some of the best people I’ve ever loved.

On the other hand, I’ve also had the privilege of helping quite a few people escape its vile clutches and reclaim their lives. Admittedly, there are many things in this world that I don’t do well. This ain’t one of em.

Sign up for my seminar below and if you’re not absolutely thrilled that you did on November 13th, I’ll be delighted to give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Healing Toxic Shame Replay


3-hour seminar with relationship coach Adam Murauskas. Lifetime access to replay, slides, and materials.

… Working with Adam has been – no bullshit – the most excruciatingly painful, overwhelmingly hard, gut wrenchingly honest thing I’ve ever done. Also, the most rewarding, soul-growing, life-altering, joy-filled experience. I thought I had done work on myself. I thought I was alive. And then I met Adam. He is a bright spot in this sometimes dark world and a reminder for everyone that there are actually angels on earth. His courage, guidance, and compassion have changed a life… (Kayla)

… Adam makes the insurmountable seem manageable, will give you action items, and then hold you accountable. He’s helped me heal my toxic shame, build a community of safe people, create daily habits to keep me on track, and deal with issues that have been holding me back since childhood. If you’re tired of having the same unhealthy relationships, not living up to your potential, and want to finally heal… make the move. You’ll be glad you did… (James)

… This work of self-discovery, pattern interruption, and emotional awareness is life-changing, and Adam is a fantastic guide and space holder!  I would recommend his services to anyone ready to make massive changes to improve their relationships and life… (Sarah)

… I would choose Adam as my coach, one thousand times over. He has the absolute best approach I’ve ever witnessed. If you want to get to know yourself at a level that you didn’t even think was possible, you’re in the right place… (Natalie)

… Before working with Adam, my relationship approach was to simply be with whoever would have me. Now I feel significantly more confident in my ability to engage in healthy, rewarding relationships, and to create the kind of love I’d always hoped I’d magically stumble upon… (Jake)

… Adam helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself which has improved my life in ways I never expected. I have a completely new set of tools to help me now. I feel more empowered, grounded, and peaceful. If you’re looking for someone to help you heal wounds that keep you stuck in unhealthy relationships, Adam is your guy… (Sheida)

… There is nobody better than Adam. He is insightful and resourceful, caring and honest, and he has made all the difference in my dating life. I think his action-oriented approach is what made such a tremendous impact. I am so grateful!… (Hilary)

Adam has not only helped me, but now by extension, my clients. He has steered me to numerous “ah ha!” moments that have translated to being happier and more accepting of myself. Adam has given me more tools and skills to handle what life has to offer. I couldn’t recommend him with any higher praise and appreciation… (Trevor)

Published by Adam

Mentor, coach, speaker and educator for over 12 years. I have recovered from and triumphed over many obstacles and afflictions. It brings me tremendous joy to help others overcome similar circumstances so they can live their best lives.

9 thoughts on “Healing Toxic Shame

  1. I’m interested but have had mixed results with virtual workshops. How many people will be attending? Will there be breakout sessions? How interactive is the workshop aside from the live Q&A? Thanks!

    1. Hey Star, great questions! Having taught in a classroom for a decade, teaching virtually now definitely presents some unique challenges. I had originally called this event a “class,” but someone suggested I change it to “workshop” because no one wants to take a “class” on shame, haha. However, I’m gonna go ahead and call it a seminar, because I think that more accurately describes it.

      Healing shame is a bear and there is MUCH to do about it. I’ll be presenting a ton of exercises and strategies for participants (who will likely be taking a flurry of notes) to add to their toolboxes, but I haven’t planned any breakout sessions, primarily due to time constraints. I’ll be interacting with folks, not just in the Q&A but throughout by showing hands, contributing to the discussion via the chat, etc. I have two short activities planned that are workshoppy in nature, but I feel better about the word seminar.

      I anticipate at least 30 people attending, but ya never know.

      If you’re on the fence, I’d love for you to attend and decide for yourself. If the experience is not what you were hoping for, it’s really as simple as sending an email to adam@fixyourpicker.com and I’ll refund your money in a jiffy. I don’t want ANYONE spending money on something they’re not happy with. Not on my account.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

      1. Hey Adam –

        Thanks for the helpful reply. I’m going to sign up. 30 sounds like a great number – I’ve had worse luck with the big on-line seminars.

        I need to change my name on this site. I’m actually Tara. I look forward to seeing you on the 12th.


      2. Ah, yes. Tara. Excellent. I’m excited to connect and create a life-changing experience for everyone there 🤗

  2. Hi Adam, Thank you for offering this shame workshop. Love your straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is style! Unfortunately I am not able to attend on the 12th…wish I could!! Will you be offering it again in the near future?

    1. I will be selling the replay afterwards, but as far as doing another live one, I’m not entirely sure. I’ll probably wanna do my next event on boundaries or codependency. So many topics to cover! Stay tuned 🙂

  3. Hi Adam.
    I’m interested in this topic; however, I am not able to attend the seminar. Can you add links to replays and materials to your website?
    Kind regards.

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