Fear of Being Seen

Children who were frequently teased, judged, criticized, micromanaged, mistreated, compared, guilted, shamed, bullied, or abused often grow into adults who are terrified of being seen by others. Understandably so. But this translates into a fear of vulnerability, intimacy, and authenticity. A fear of self-expression and even of self-examination. The sense of self atrophies for thoseContinue reading “Fear of Being Seen”

What If I’m Incapable of Love?

I’ve experienced moments of being undeniably and wholly consumed with love – in family, friendship, romance, nature, creativity, and spiritual pursuits. We’re talkin moved to tears love. Feel it in my bones love. Capital L love. However, I’ve also felt periodic moments of alienation and nihilistic, existential self-doubt wherein I question my very capacity for love.Continue reading “What If I’m Incapable of Love?”