Truth, Compassion, and Love

Spiritual teacher A.H. Almas once said, “Only when compassion is present will people allow themselves to see the truth.” In my experience, resentment, disdain, contempt, and the like typically require some measure of dishonesty or delusion. And truth be told, any time I’ve been resentful, it’s usually because someone did something that I myself haveContinue reading “Truth, Compassion, and Love”

What If I’m Incapable of Love?

I’ve experienced moments of being undeniably and wholly consumed with love – in family, friendship, romance, nature, creativity, and spiritual pursuits. We’re talkin moved to tears love. Feel it in my bones love. Capital L love. However, I’ve also felt periodic moments of alienation and nihilistic, existential self-doubt wherein I question my very capacity for love.Continue reading “What If I’m Incapable of Love?”