Apologizing for Having Needs – A Sign of Trauma and Shame

Do you apologize for getting emotional? For being hungry? Needing to use the bathroom? Are you out here telling people you’re sorry for having the regular-ass needs and experiences of any other living organism? When people say sorry too much, I always read between the lines, “I’m sorry for existing – clearly your life would beContinue reading “Apologizing for Having Needs – A Sign of Trauma and Shame”

You-Statements vs. I-Statements

If y’all can learn this one ass lesson about healthy communication, I swear on a stack of babies it’ll improve your relationships by one million percent. The use of I-statements (speaking about your own experience) is a safe and boundaried way to communicate that builds trust and intimacy. You-statements (speaking about others’ experience), however, areContinue reading “You-Statements vs. I-Statements”