Hormones and 10th Grade Biology

It’s all fun and games until someone dies alone after a lifetime of chronically unfulfilling relationships. Before I created FixYourPicker.com, I used to hear countless people describe their terrible relationship history by saying, “Yeah, I have a broken picker, haha.”  In most cases, they would literally laugh about it. I was one of these peopleContinue reading “Hormones and 10th Grade Biology”

Codependency and Boundaries

Trying to change someone’s behavior (often via managing, mothering, manipulating, or martyring) is a type of codependency where you violate another person’s boundaries. Tolerating someone’s harmful behavior, oddly enough, is also considered codependent; although here you’re allowing them to violate your boundaries. These are essentially the outtie and the innie of codependent dysfunction. There’s aContinue reading “Codependency and Boundaries”

One-Way Vulnerability

Esther Perel once said, “Sometimes when a person doesn’t feel worthy of love, they replace it with being needed.” And what better way to ensure being needed than joining the ranks of helping professionals like doctors, nurses, and therapists? I imagine electricians, drug dealers, and funeral directors are in similar demand, but one interesting outcomeContinue reading “One-Way Vulnerability”

Needs, Boundaries, Requests, and Demands

A need does not require a specific person to do a specific thing. That’s called a demand. There’s a lot of talk about “setting boundaries” these days, and I’m happy to hear it. But many people don’t know what that means or how to go about doing it. I hope this article will help shedContinue reading “Needs, Boundaries, Requests, and Demands”

What You Bring to a Relationship

If your life isn’t good enough without a partner, what do you bring to a relationship? A not good enough life? “I don’t like my life, I need someone to share this with.” Yes, relationships are a place to learn, heal, and grow. For sure. You can depend on a partner, be inspired, and supportContinue reading “What You Bring to a Relationship”

Is Dissociation Behind All Your Problems?

Centuries ago, Blaise Pascal wrote, “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” I believe he was describing not a fear of loneliness but a fear of being with ourselves. Being here now in the present moment with our feelings, experiences, and fears. Facing what Kierkegaard called “theContinue reading “Is Dissociation Behind All Your Problems?”

Love – The Ultimate Teacher

Everyone you date is teaching you a lesson. Could be about yourself, boundaries, expectations, codependency, communication, conflict, compromise, vulnerability, compassion… literally anything. But more often than not, that lesson has something to do with becoming a fuller, more integrated human being. And I don’t mean that in a “You complete me” kinda way. I meanContinue reading “Love – The Ultimate Teacher”

Wishing Others Would Change

Hypothetically, let’s say you feel absolutely terrible. Physically, mentally, emotionally — something just ain’t right. So you go see your doctor right away. The doctor says, “Mmm hmm… I understand your symptoms. I know just what the problem is. I’m going to prescribe some medicine for your ex.” You reply, “Thanks, doc. I feel much better already!”Continue reading “Wishing Others Would Change”

The Vicious Cycle of Unmet Needs

When our one-year-old developmental needs are met, we become two-year-olds. We cannot become psychologically eight until our seven-year-old needs are met. In other words, maturation is a linear process. So when certain needs go unsatisfied, we get stuck, developmentally speaking. As we age, we learn adulty behavior — to have jobs, kids, responsibilities, and such. But whenContinue reading “The Vicious Cycle of Unmet Needs”